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Football Victory

Journal 20080117

Our football (soccer) team won its first match 3-2 in a spirited game at St. Josephs January 16. Photo above shows the winning goal being scored. Twenty-two of our players took part against a slightly taller and heavier opposition. Our guys were better at passing and teamwork. The football program has one more week to go. I organized the program at the urging of several Kisa boys who told me they were eager-verging-on-desperate to play football during the two-month long winter school holidays when there is nothing much for young people to do. We hired a coach who turns out to be very skilled and conscientious; and spread the word around the neighborhood. About 30 boys are taking part…eight are Kisa students, the rest are from the neighborhood. No girls showed up for practice. Most of the expense has been for equipment…shirts, balls, and to pay the coach. I think of myself as the George Steinbrenner on Nansana football.