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October 6, 2007-Kisa Primary School
The school is a cozy walled compound of several buildings linked by walkways, classroom buildings surrounding an assembly field, and dorms for 50 or so of the 500 students.

Most of the teachers just come for the school day, but several university students who teach and assist in a variety of ways live at the school also.

It's very crowded. Lwanga’s bedroom/office is crammed to the ceiling with books, boxes, old equipment and supplies. There’s no place for me to even store my radio stuff and at this point no place that could be used as a studio. There’s talk of building a new office/classroom structure, but that’s a several months long process that has not even entered the design phase.

I spent the day unpacking, meeting the school staff, and eating terrific meals cooked at the school including cassava, yam sweet potato, roasted Banana, roasted pumpkin, rice, jack fruit, pineapple, avocado, chicken, fish, beef stew, boiled greens. The food is wonderful. It is cooked on open fires in big pots set up on bricks in one of the school buildings.