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Podcast: My Recent News Stories

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Series Title:My Recent News Stories 
Author|Host: Tom Herriman 
Categories:Government & Organizations
Government & Organizations > National
Description:Stories from where I've been recently. 
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112Port Truckers StrikeNov 22, 2013Nov 22, 2013Frustrated truck drivers at the port of...00:06:311.12 MB
97Thousands of Union Members...Dec 15, 2011Feb 13, 2012Union members from across the country set up...00:04:061.88 MB
118Fishing with Ed and Cindi John...Jun 16, 2015Jun 16, 2015Fishing in Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan with...00:05:112.07 MB
12310.000 Chipotle workers join...Nov 16, 2016Nov 16, 2016The Chipotle restaurant chain which went...00:04:512.22 MB
94A Visit to Occupy DC, October...Oct 28, 2011Feb 14, 2012Interviews with members of Occupy DC...00:05:012.30 MB
108Oakland Fast Food StrikeAug 29, 2013Aug 29, 2013Hundreds of McDonalds, KFC, Jack-in-the-Box...00:05:552.37 MB
128Modesto Voters Challenge Cong....Feb 20, 2017Mar 22, 2017Nearly 300 people at a forum in Modesto Feb....00:05:292.51 MB
138Shelters have beds for only...Nov 18, 2019Nov 22, 2019Homeless shelters in East Bay provide beds...00:05:342.55 MB
89Child labor thrives when...Jun 19, 2011Mar 19, 2012We found children as young as 5 years old...00:06:382.66 MB
115California reforms could slow...Jan 29, 2014Mar 11, 2014Passage of AB 109 by the California Assemby...00:06:412.68 MB
121Taylor Farms workers fight...Jul 21, 2015Jul 21, 2015Meet some of the workers who pack your salads...00:06:002.75 MB
106Some key facts are missing...Mar 15, 2012Mar 15, 2012An American college professor and a...00:06:562.78 MB
114Those formerly incarcerated...Jan 29, 2014Jan 29, 2014In 2009, the US Supreme Court ordered the...00:06:222.91 MB
109Head Start Hit Hard by...Sep 13, 2013Sep 13, 2013Local Head Start programs struggle with 5%...00:07:212.95 MB
107Harsh conditions for Uganda...Sep 03, 2012Sep 03, 2012Interviews with Geoffrey Ssebaggala, Human...00:07:232.96 MB
91Press Freedom under attack...Jun 20, 2011Feb 14, 2012Journalists as well as opposition politicians...00:07:252.97 MB
105Edward Lee Elmore released...Mar 05, 2012Mar 05, 2012Edward Lee Elmore, jailed since 1982 for a...00:07:453.11 MB
113Port Truckers Strike Part IINov 22, 2013Nov 22, 2013Port of Oakland Truck drivers who shut down...00:07:573.18 MB
93Ugandan Women sold as slaves...Jun 21, 2011Feb 14, 2012Continued from Part 1 uploaded 6/21. 150...00:08:123.29 MB
104One homeowner's ordeal with...Feb 28, 2012Mar 05, 2012Bertina Jones of Bowie MD suffered through a...00:08:183.32 MB
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