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Here are podcasts some of my recent news stories that have been carried on Pacifica Evening News on KPFA and elsewhere,

Trump's DC hotel profits may be unconstitutional
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Several legal experts and a Washington watchdog group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington are suing President Trump in federal court alleging he is violating the emoluments clause in the U.S, Constitution, which forbids public officials from taking bribes and financial gifts from foreign governments. The suit alleges President Donald Trump received money from foreign governments through his private business deals… Tom Herriman has more.
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Oakland demolishes homeless village
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City of Oakland police and sanitation crews dismantled a homeless encampment at 36th and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in west Oakland Feb 2, evicting as many as fifteen residents and barring dozens more volunteers and supporters from the area. Photo: Village resident Nancy Mitchell packs up her belongings into a shopping cart under watchful eyes of Oakland Police. Report by Tom Herriman.
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Recent Thoughts and Enthusiasms

Sex, War, Kidnapping, Bootleggers
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Basketball in Raleigh NC on M.L. King day
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We built a childrens art center in Uganda
March, 2015...the Namungona Children's Art Center opened in a converted shipping container, staffed by... Continues...
Bach in the living room
We've been holding classical music house concerts at our house with an organization called which matches... Continues...
Karamoja, Uganda, March 2014
Karamoja is one of the poorest districts in Uganda. Its vibrant traditional culture is being reshaped by powerful... Continues...