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Description:Stories from where I've been recently. 

Recent Episodes

Shelters have beds for only 1/4 of the growing homeless population in Contra Costa County
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Homeless shelters in East Bay provide beds for only about 1/4 of the growing unsheltered population, and the situation may not be improving anytime soon. Reporting from Richmond, Tom Herriman interviews a Contra Costa County health official and a resident of Brookside Adult Shelter.
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Casino workers demand a bigger share of tribe's slot machine profits
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The flow of revenue from slot machines at the Lytton Casino in San Pablo has improved the lives of the owners…the Lytton Pomo band of native Americans. But workers at the casino say they are not getting their fair share of the millions of dollars in profits.
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40,000 California child care providers win the right to join a union
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The California Assembly gave final approval September 13 to AB 378 which will give 40,000 family child care providers the legal right to join a union. Child Care Workers United, a labor coalition, is expected to launch one of the largest union organizing campaigns in California history. Tom Herriman reports from Visalia.
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Oakland volunteers build tiny houses on wheels for homeless youth
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Over 150 volunteers gathered on a vacant lot on Brush street in West Oakland Aug. 24 & 25 to build twelve 80-square foot houses on wheels that will provide shelter for homeless young people.
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Migrant Caravan Stalled in Tijuana
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Thousands of migrants from Central America seeking asylum from violence and poverty in their home countries have settled into semi-permanent camps in Tijuana Mexico, supported by donations of food and clothing, with some minimal help from the Mexican government. For most of them, the prospects of getting into the U.S. are increasingly bleak, because of President Trump’s determination to block almost all immigration at the Mexico U.S. border. Tom Herriman reported in December from Tijuana. Photo: A young caravan member watches over children's classes, and adult discussions at El Barretal migrant camp in Tijuana.
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